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...the best college laundry bag?

For the best college laundry bag look no further. Are you a college student or a parent with one? If you're a student, get your parents to buy you one... and if you're a parent, give your student the best most convenient college gift, the Drop Click and Go Laundry Carrier.

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It's not hard to think back to those college laundry days. It wasn't fun to begin with but if you didn't do it people began to have strange looks on thier faces after walking by you.

  1. If you're living on a college campus you're probably taking your laundry to the nearby laundry room.

  2. Do you really want just anyone seeing your clothes in a laundry bag?

  3. When your clothes are dry do you really want to have to fold them there too just to keep them from getting wrinkled?

  4. If you're bringing laundry home do you really have room for a laundry basket in the car? And laundry baskets don't quite add to the room decor!

  5. Mom's prefer to help out with laundry when it's not a complete mess!

Drop Click & Go has a handle on college laundry...

The Drop Click and Go Laundry Carrier is hands down the best college laundry bag. It will fit nearly all of the dirty clothes at once and keeps them securely wrapped up!

not my thong

Ladies, our Red Wine colored one says
you look good doing even your dirty

Guys, with our Midnight Blue laundry carrier
you'll impress the student body you've had
your eye on!

Parents: your "students" need to be clean,
help them help you by staying organized
(easy to toss clothes into = cleaner room)

Simplify College Life

college laundry made easy
  • Students, get your parents to buy yours, tell 'em its a prerequisite to your "College Life 101" studies.

  • Afterall, no one lugs a laundry basket across campus anymore.

  • And now you can see why this is the best college laundry bag available.

  • Buy yours today and join the club of satisfied Drop Click and Go students!




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